We have a wide coal selection, we also sell logs (hard and soft wood), gas cylinders (all sizes), kindling, turf and briquettes and drums of Kero and Agri-Diesel.

Empty oil containers are available to purchase, however it is more cost effective for you if you can provide your own.

Any queries contact (074) 93 74620.

Coal Pricelist Price
Household Coal (40 Kg) €0.00 per bag
Premium Household (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Columbian Doubles (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Polish Coal (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Columbian Coal (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Singles (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Slack (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Smokeless Ovoids (40Kg) €0.00 per bag
Household Coal (20Kg) €0.00 per bag
Gas Cylinder Pricelist Price
Gas Cylinder (Standard) €30.00 per cyl
34Kg Gas Cylinder €100.00 per cyl
47Kg Gas Cylinder €120.00 per cyl
Open Fire Products Price
Logs (softwood) €3.50 per bag
Logs (softwood) 3 bags €10.00 x3
Kindling €2.50 per bag
Turf €3.00 per bag
Briquettes €6.00 per bag
Firelighters €2.00 per box
Smokeless Ovoids (40Kg) €16.00 per bag

We supply all sizes of gas cylinders.